Hello humans! I'm Sideswipe and this is my brother, Sunstreaker, along with Red Alert and Breakdown. We are Lambos and united we stand! Not really, my brother is a fragger, Red is a spaz and Breakie is an idiot 'Con. BUT the point is we, and by that I mean Sunflower and I, noticed a lot of mechs had themselves a blog! So, we had to get one together! Like Pit we'd let Prowl or CJ or the Seekers get all the glory! So, feel free to ask us Lambos anything! We'll answer via writings or drawings! Not to worry, Red and Breakie have no choice in the matter and Sunny will do anything to show off his 'artistic' skills. (Puh-lease) So we will answer them all and bug a few of our fellow mechs while we're at it. So what are you waiting for? Ask away!

11th May 2013

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I’m on a roll. Got Jazz’s visor and now Prowl. Indirect pranks are the way to go with him, hehe… -Sideswipe


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